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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi

Laser hair reduction has been in the market for almost a decade. Technology has grown tremendously. It was a painful procedure almost a decade ago with many side effects such as rebound hair growth and pigmentation. The procedure was painful and not as effective. Then Diode laser of 808nm wavelength was given FDA approval. That laser worked best for coarse hair, but there was less in the market for fine hair. In 2016 new triple wavelength diodes came into the scene and completely revolutionized the procedure, making it almost painless with no side effects. At Jaya Skin Clinic, we have the latest technology, including the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum laser.

How does Laser Hair removal work?

Laser is light of a single wavelength that directly affects the melanin in our hair root follicles, sparing the skin melanin. Thus making this technology far more superior and painless. Initially, it decreases the hair growth, prolongs the time between the hair to come. Then the hair growth becomes fine. And eventually leading to 80-90% permanent hair removal. Thus getting rid of unwanted hair and permanent hair removal. It has made all other lasers, waxing, and razors obsolete for the removal of unwanted hair. It is best to get it done between ages 18 to 45 before hair starts turning grey for the same reason.

Why go for Laser Hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal works. It’s a fact over the years. After you have gone through sessions and had permanent hair removal, you don’t have to think about sparing time every month to go to the salon or worry before going out or on the beach. Choosing a laser over waxing or shaving has numerous benefits. It saves time over the long term. It’s permanent, painless with no side effects. Help get rid of the monthly hassle of getting waxing or threading, both of which are painful and deteriorate the skin’s quality, causing early wrinkles and pigmentation. Removing unwanted hair with a laser also cures problems such as ingrown hair and other skin-related issues. Losing body hair from underarms, private parts also contribute to maintaining hygiene. And avoiding humidity-related infections.

Why choose Jaya Skin Clinic?

Dr. Jaya Gupta owns the clinic, and that’s who you meet and will always meet throughout your treatment. The doctor won’t change, and she will become your skin and hair specialist for everything. Laser hair removal in Delhi is done at various places, but extremely few provide the best results with the latest technology at an affordable price. Most places are run like business centers. At Jaya Skin Clinic, the doctor pays special attention to every patient. All procedures are done under the doctor’s supervision by very experienced staff who have been in the clinic since its inception. Be it one year or ten years. You’ll find your same doctor taking care of you and looking into providing you with the best possible results. The motto at Jaya Skin clinic is to provide the best results under all circumstances. DR Jaya is reachable on WhatsApp for explaining laser hair removal or any other doubts patients have very easily.

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Frequently Asked Question

It reduces hair permanently by almost 80-90%. It’s more aptly called laser hair reduction than laser hair removal.

Yes, it’s a long-term solution to unwanted hair, also better for hygiene purposes and avoiding other problems such as ingrown hair. Also, it treats skin and gives it a photo facial, thus reducing pigmentation and giving a glow.

Yes, it’s a long-term solution to unwanted hair, also better for hygiene purposes and avoiding other problems such as ingrown hair. Also, it treats skin and gives it a photo facial, thus reducing pigmentation and giving a glow.

Depending on the machine, about 6-8 sessions give you a 70-80% result, but it varies depending on the hair quality. Some parts give faster results. Sensitive parts like the face and private parts require more sessions. But biology differs from patient to patient. Hormones play a role in facial hair and how many sessions you’ll need.

No, even in the Long term, not all hair regrow or to the same coarseness and density. The results are very long-lasting and mostly permanent.

Yes, laser hair removal treatment is safe for private parts. The only concern is it requires more sessions as the parts are sensitive.

The only contraindication for laser hair removal is pregnancy.

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