Things You Need to Know Before Going For a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Things You Need to Know Before Going For a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

No matter where you are- well-sculpted brows and silky smooth legs are a novelty that everybody desires. It’s impossible to describe how good it feels to have perfectly smooth legs. However, that requires hours of shaving, waxing, and tweezing.

It would be wonderful not to worry about maintaining bikinis or eyebrow lines. A smooth body is exactly what dreams are made of!

But dreams do come true! You can accomplish a silky smooth body through Laser Hair Removal. You won’t have to shave and pluck as often after these long-term treatments, which are more affordable than you might think.

If Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Delhi is on your shortlist for summer maintenance, we’ve compiled a list of five things you should consider.


5 Things to Know Before Going For a Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Shave before your treatment

Before their appointments, clients are asked to shave about 24 hours beforehand. We recommend doing a little cleanup in tougher places to reach, but shaving an entire area is not a pleasant experience for us, and it certainly isn’t for you.


Sun exposure should be avoided before your procedure

Tans in the summer are great, but they don’t work well for laser hair removal. If your skin is tanned, you can’t detect the laser because its pigment closely matches your hair follicles.  If you plan to have the laser treatment, give yourself a month to avoid the sun. As a result, laser treatments are most effective in fall, winter, and early spring.


The results of hair removal will not be completely permanent

The FDA terms laser hair removal “permanent hair reduction.” However, regrowth can and does occur following the laser hair removal procedure. Several cases of hair regrowth have been reported but expect to need occasional touch-ups at the Skin and Laser Center. Since newly growing hair is typically finer and lighter than its predecessors, it is difficult to detect visually.


Consult your doctor

If you are taking any medication prescribed by your doctor, you should ask them if this will have an impact on your ability to have the treatment. Accutane, for example, can make your skin more sensitive to the laser’s UV light, which can cause adverse reactions. The medication you’re taking might need to be put on hold for a while before the procedure, so it’s always good to check with your physician.


Take precautions

You should never use soap the next day when you take a shower. Do not go for a swim for at least two to three days because your skin gets sensitive after the session. Don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight for long periods of time. If you plan on going outdoors after laser hair removal, wear sunscreen. 



The Laser Hair Removal Procedure might be right for you if you’re tired of shaving, tweezing, or messy wax. It is well worth the minimal disruption to your daily life to achieve long-term smoothness. But remember to have it from a reputed Skin Clinic in Delhi like Jaya Skin Clinic.

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