Sunscreen: 7 Benefits of Using it in Winters

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Sunscreen benefits in winters

Sunscreen: 7 Benefits of Using it in Winters


Most of the population thinks that sunscreen is only important when exposed to the sun. Very soon, sunscreen is going to be considered a misnomer. During the winter, wearing sunscreen is just as necessary as during the summer, and it’s as important to wear inside the home as it is outside. You will gain several advantages by wearing sunscreen every day, all day. 

Jaya skin clinic’s goal is to help you get and maintain healthy, glowing skin. Skincare is an essential part of everyone’s daily routine and should always include sunscreen. 


Why is Sunblock Important in Winter?

As the weather is dry in winters, your skin is constantly stripped of its natural sebum and oils. Dryness contributes to aging more quickly and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin’s surface. 

It makes your skin more susceptible to cracking or tearing, letting in allergies and infectious agents. Using sunscreen in the winter can help replenish some of your skin’s damaged skin barrier. 

Sunscreens protect skin from the sun’s rays and the HEV rays that come out of our screens on phones, television, LED light, from Infrared rays which come from heat during cooking or sitting near heaters. 

Though winters give a false sense of security as the sun rays don’t seem as bright, we tend to avoid wearing sunscreen. But even though a cloudy sky, all the harmful rays penetrate the atmosphere and reach the earth’s surface, affecting all of us and thus enhancing photodamage. 

This photodamage is the main cause of aging, pigmentation and becomes irreversible over time. Also, during winters, we enjoy sitting in our gardens, roof and sunbathing, thus exposing ourselves more to the harmful rays. 

The daily application of the correct sunscreen according to your skin type can prevent or delay photodamage, thus delaying aging.


Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen in Winter

  • Overexposure causes sunburns which can be prevented
  • Protects against photodermatitis 
  • Prevents melasma which is very common in Indian skin
  • Delays photodamage, thus delaying aging and pigmentation 
  • One of the best preventive agents against developing skin cancer 
  • It helps keep your skin youthful and glowing


Final Takeaway

Exposure to the sun is vital to your overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. Spending a few hours every day in natural sunlight can prevent depression, strengthen your bones by providing Vit D3, and many more benefits.

Too much sun exposure without sunblock can increase photodamage, thus increasing the risk of skin cancer and causing early skin aging. 

Harmful ultraviolet rays are always there and in equal amounts irrespective of the season, and they can penetrate through clouds and certain of our clothing as well. 

Only thickly tightly woven clothes protect; otherwise, we need to put sunscreen under sheer or lightly woven clothes.


Does sunscreen really need to be worn on cloudy or cold days or inside our homes? 

According to our lady dermatologist Jaya Gupta, MD, it is essential to always wear sunscreen outside since you are constantly exposed to harmful radiation that is not stopped by clouds, rain umbrellas, or all kinds of clothes. Wearing sunscreen is pertinent.

The most important takeaway is. Yes, you should wear sunscreen every day, all day, inside, outside the home. If you don’t do so, over the years, your skin will have excess photodamage increased over the years, which will lead to early signs of aging, pigmentation, and in some cases, cancer as well.

Even when it’s cloudy, up to 80% of the sun’s rays are still being absorbed by your skin. Additionally, the presence of snow doubles the amount of harmful radiation that reaches your skin. Whether it is hot or cold outside, every day of the year, sunny or cloudy, you need to apply SPF every time you are outside for even 10 minutes.

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