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Best Acne treatment

Best Acne Treatment in Delhi: Get Clean and Clear Glowing Skin

What is Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that happens when pores on the skin get clogged by excessive sebum skin cells. Our skin comprises the epidermis, the outer layer, and the deeper dermis, the inner layer. 

The hair follicles exist in the epidermis and sebaceous glands that produce oil and sweat glands that produce sweat. There is also a certain natural bacterial biome that exists on everyone’s skin. 

Whenever there is an imbalance in all of this, it results in what we call acne or, more commonly, pimples, zits. The most common body areas that are involved are the face but can also appear on the back, chest, and shoulders.

The most common cause of acne is puberty-related acne, which most commonly goes away in the early ’20s. But adult acne is also a known condition.


What Are The Causes of Acne? 

  • An Imbalance causes teenage Acne in sebum production, and the natural bacterial biome is getting imbalanced. During pubertal years production of androgen hormones is suddenly increased, making the sebaceous glands more active and thus the entrapping of the bacteria and more dead skin resulting in what we call acne. 


  • Adult Acne – A disturbance causes this. At mones in women or in a condition called polycystic ovarian disease. Or any other hormonal imbalance. For men also continues increased production of androgens; ingrown hair can result in acne.


Some of the Other Causes of Teenage & Adult Acne is 

  • Wearing tight clothes can cause body acne
  • Use of mask in Covid times 
  • Not cleaning pillowcases
  • Eating food high in glycemic index 
  • Using phone screens for very long periods 
  • Not cleaning up properly after sweating, playing, working out
  • Dandruff
  • Digestive issues
  • Stress, which increases the hormone cortisol, can also cause acne to flare.


What Causes Acne to Become Worse?

  • Picking at acne, popping acne with fingers.
  • Frequent touching can lead to further infection and make it worse.
  • Tight non-breathable Clothing, hats, and sports helmets.
  • Air pollution and certain weather conditions, especially high humidity.
  • Using skincare products that clog the pores more and are not meant for acne-prone skin.
  • Using heavy cosmetics.
  • Some medications.
  • Genetics.
  • Having dairy products, sugar, and fried foods high in your diet.


The Best Treatment for Acne at Jaya Skin Clinic?

Prevention of acne in teenage years or treating it early is the best policy rather than visiting a dermatologist to treat marks and scars your entire adult life. Visit south Delhi’s best Dermatologist Dr. Jaya Gupta. 

She is a skin & hair specialist in south Delhi & offers the best and most affordable and reasonably priced treatment of Acne & Acne Scars treatment in south Delhi.

Dr. Jaya first concentrates on finding out the root cause of your acne. She tries to treat the cause with correct home care. If needed, then only she suggests any tests or procedures.

We have the best tools , machines, and lasers for Acne Scars & Acne Treatment in Delhi. 

Other procedures like Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, medi facials specifically designed for acne. She aims to temporarily treat the issue and reach the root cause to make the treatment permanently effective.


Various Modalities of acne and acne scar treatment :

  • The first line of treatment is a homecare, the correct face wash, and spot creams. And anything more dermatologist according to age and root cause suggests and it can vary person to person.


  • Dermabrasion: A spinning wheel with a high-pressure vacuum and diamond tip, which removes dead skin cells and damaged skin from underneath the skin’s surface, reducing acne marks and leveling the skin, cleaning out pores, and leaving smooth and better skin.


  • Chemical Peel : Specially formulated acids for certain skin disorders that help in active acne and others that help remove the top layer of the skin and even target the deep layers of the skin, thereby helping with scar remodeling and smoother skin.


  • Skin Resurfacing : Essentially, the process is designed to remove dead and damaged skin layers in order to create new, healthy skin. New skin starts to form within a week after resurfacing. 


  • PRP : Known as the safest and most effective treatment for many skin issues, this is a breakthrough introduction in medical care. The process of removing Platelet-rich Plasma from your own blood smoothes the skin by boosting the production of new collagen. Monthly injection is administered to the area surrounding scars.


  • Microneedling : This treatment for acne scars reduces the visibility of acne marks by smoothing out the skin. Nano needles are inserted into the skin over the acne scar to boost the body’s mechanism to produce more collagen. This leads to reducing the visibility of acne marks by smoothing out the skin.

A good dermatologist will use an amalgamation of the available methods to give results.


Final Takeaway

If you have acne you need to see a skin specialist immediately whatever the reason, whatever the age. It is always easier to control and treat acne and prevent marks and scars than to treat them later.

At any age, if you’re having a breakout, you can always book a consultation with us at JAYA SKIN CLINIC and we can help you understand what’s causing it and how you can treat it.

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