An advanced technology and a dermatological expertise for a flawless skin.

At Jaya Skin Clinic, you can trust us to use advanced technology along with quality care and personalised treatments. With our dermatological expertise, we will make sure the world goes wow at your glow.

Pinxel RF Fractional System

This is used for non-surgical face-lift, treating acne and scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, any other scars, facial rejuvenation, vampire face-lift, plasmolifting. Now shine on, wherever you go.

Minimal Inflammation

Minimal / Low Downtime for patients

Almost Painless

Superior Results

Smooth ice

This is the latest technology for laser hair reduction with 4 working modes-SHR, Stack, Professional and Photofacial. Get that smooth skin.

Completely painless

Treats all hair type-thin, thick and very fine hair

Superior Results

Application- Used on all body parts

This procedure treats ageing skin, pigmentation, scars, skin toning, skin rejuvenation, de-tanning etc. So get ready to flaunt a younger looking skin.

Customised treatment based on skin type and problem

Highly effective results

Latest technology

We use other technologies

  • Q-witch for Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal, Laser Toning, Photofacial
  • Non Surgical Facelift, Facial Sculpting, Chin Remodelling, Body Shaping using USG waves
  • Obesity Platform 4D for Skin Tightening and Inch Loss
  • TRICHO MED for Skin and Scalp Issues
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